What is a Giclee?

What is a Giclee

The term Giclee refers to a new form of printing. The image of the painting, whether it be an oil,watercolor or mixed media can be digitally photographed and reproduced on watercolor paper or canvas. My Giclee's are reproduced on the same type of watercolor paper or canvas that I paint upon. All of my work is reproduced on museum quality acid free watercolor paper, or museum quality acid free primed canvas. The inks use in the process are certified, acid free, museum quality, colorfast quaranteed not to begin to fade for well over 125 years, if at all. Each giclee print is compared to the original before it is released to the public.

 Some artists choose to take the giclee and enhance them with additonal pigment. I believe in keeping the integrity of the work and not varying from its orignal look or feel. The introduction of Giclee printing has made it affordable for the consumer who has always wanted to have a piece of fine art, but the cost of owning an original has been prohibitive. Side by Side you cannot tell the difference. I have chosen to limit the number of Giclee's printed in the same size as the original to 100, insuring the integrity and value of the piece purchased.

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